Innovative solutions to allow adults living with a developmental disability to be active, visible and included in community life.

SNAPSO is an acronym for Special Needs Adult Program Services Organization.  We are a registered charity with the primary purpose of providing day support services for developmentally disabled adults.  We also provide management, counseling and other support services to assist people with disabilities to become more independent in the community.  As our staff and participants integrate into the community we are continually educating the public regarding the special needs and abilities of people living with a developmental disability.

Our organization was founded by a group of parents of developmentally disabled adult children who had finished school and were left with nowhere to go.   These parents quickly realized that meaningful day programs for their adult children were few and far between.  SNAPSO worked diligently to establish the SNAPSO charity and ultimately open the SNAPSO Day Program in 2009. The fully insured program operates under a strict framework of policy and procedure employing a 3 to 1 supervision ratio to ensure safety and equality for all.  The programs offered are a wide variety of community integration opportunities, recreation and life skills programs.

SNAPSO also monitors the current residential options for individuals and meets with families and interest groups in an attempt to identify innovative housing solutions for the future.

What We've Achieved

  • Provided day support services for over 100 families.
  • Created a family support network where caregivers share knowledge and expertise in all areas of developmental services. 
  • Created a safe, warm, caring, age appropriate environment in a local community center.
  • Created relationships with businesses and establishments to eliminate boundaries in community participation.
  • Established sustainable operations through responsible, transparent fiscal management.
  • Incorporated venues beyond Peel boundaries to  broaden the scope of experiences for participants.
  • Have realized the success of our programs via the over-all personal growth of participants witnessed on a daily basis and testified to by caregivers.
  • Program eligibility has expanded to include residents from anywhere in Peel and beyond.
  • Acquired a wheelchair accessible bus and van to safely transport individuals into the community.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower!
— Steve Jobs